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I have always felt like an outsider, except when I am being creative and brave. In recent years I have been haunted by bouts of severe trauma and great internal suffering. After not having the capacity to get out of bed or do anything for years, I have fought hard to carve out a reconnection to my creative soul. This connection still feels tentative, so I continue to use art as a healing practice every day.

I work in mixed media - acrylics, inks, oxides, pencil, pen and markers. My style is bold, graphic, illustrative, notanized (black and white) and rich in symbols, patterns and icons. Colour and textures represent my pain and healing.

My work is inspired by a diversity of ideas, images, cultures and people.

I hope you are inspired by my soulwork, that it speaks to your heart and that you connect with the inspiration to my healing process.


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