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  • Do you accept commissions?
    Yes I do accept commissions. There is a commissions contract we will enter into that will protect both of us. For any commissions please email us on . If necessary we can organise a zoom call to discuss the commission.
  • Why is there such a strong emphasis on mental health in your work?
    In January 2019 I suffered a breakdown as the result of bullying. This has resulted in me suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder and Complex PTSD. I was unable to leave my bed for years. The only thing that got me out of bed in September 2022 was to start using art as a healing practice. Many of my paintings are a way of me processing my very BIG emotions. This practice is still tentative but I try to stick to the ritual as many days as possible.
  • Can I buy gift vouchers? How do they work?
    Yes you can buy gift vouchers for predetermined amounts or for your own specified amount. These are all e-vouchers and you can send them to anyone to use.
  • How do you wrap my painting so it doesn't get damaged?
    Depending on the size, paintings can be delivered in a rigid mailer, a box or a tube mailer. Paintings are protected with glassine paper, bubble wrap and protective cardboard tubes or boxes.
  • How much is postage?
    If you enter your address when you checkout the site will automatically calculate postage for you, depending on whether you select standard or express delivery.
  • Where are you based?
    I live in Croydon, Sydney. Darren who built my website and manages my logistics and stock lives in Randwick.
  • How do you ship safely to South Africa?
    To ensure the safe delivery of your parcels, we only use a courier option to South Africa - one is an expedited courier through DHL which takes xxxx days, and the second is a slightly slower courier through EMS. Both require signature on delivery and neither rely on the South African Post Office.
  • Can I pay off the piece I buy?
    As mentioned before you can use Afterpay or PayPal Pay-in-Four
  • Can you offer a framing solution?
    What about framing advice? I will take orders for framed versions of my work (original, limited edition or unlimited prints). Because frames are so personal I would need to get a quote, get your acceptance, and I can invoice you for the framing once you have accepted the cost. I can also give framing advice - the best way to do this is to send me some pictures of where the picture will live and I will make some suggestions
  • What if I don't like the piece of art that I ordered?
    Can I return it? We offer a 14 day refund policy that if you are not happy with your painting you can return it to us for a full refund. You will need to pay the return postage and to return the item in the original packaging to ensure it is wrapped properly for the rigours of transport. The safest way of doing this is through a parcel pickup from DHL which we can arrange and invoice you for.
  • How long will my parcel take to be delivered to me?
    Standard postage is xxxxxx days and express post is xxxxxx days. Courier is xxxx days (insert table if destinations and times)
  • Can I gift the delivery to someone else?
    Yes you can. Just add their name and address and you can keep the delivery address separate from the billing address.
  • Do you accept international currencies?
    Yes, we do. Choose your currency in the header and all product prices and shipping costs will be displayed in your currency. If we don’t have your currency listed yet please email us at and we will add it immediately.
  • What is the difference between a numbered print and an unlimited print?
    A numbered print means there will only be a specified number of prints made. These prints are marked with the order of prints in the series eg 5/100 means the 5th print out of 100. It guarantees no more than 100 prints will be made and the artist signs it herself. These are also produced on high quality artist paper. An open ended print means that the artist can reproduce an infinite number of these prints. They are not hand signed and are usually printed on high quality card paper
  • Where do you deliver?
    We can deliver anywhere in the world. If your country is not yet listed please email us on and we will add it immediately
  • Can I get a few paintings to look at in my home and return the ones I don't want?
    Yes you can as long as you follow the process for refunds as described in item 11 - you pay for return postage and wrap the items in the original packaging
  • Why are you called Audrey Briel Diversity Inc?
    I was born in South Africa and was, for many years, a vocal supporter of the ANC. I wanted democratic change, I wanted everyone to have the same rights and responsibilities. I was there on the parade on the day Mandela was released - all I wanted was for the Rainbow Nation to become a reality. And having lived and breathed diversity and differences, I found my new home in Australia very different. I have chosen this business name because I want to stand for Diversity at every opportunity I can. Diversity of thought, ideas, people, religions, race, culture and images. And after suffering from a mental health breakdown as the result of bullying, I want to ensure everyone is treated with respect and dignity no matter who they are.
  • What if the item I want is on pre-order?
    How long does it take? If you want a print that is out of stock it takes between 5-7 business days to re-order prints. Then, depending on the shipping option you have chosen (ie standard or express) we will ship to you as soon as possible.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept credit cards, debit cards, Afterpay and PayPal. Depending on your country and account, PayPal might offer you a pay-in-four option, and Afterpay lets you pay in four instalments too.
  • Do you supply in bulk for hospitality venues and hotels?
    Yes I can supply in bulk but we would need to negotiate prices, lead times and framing. Please contact us on
  • What paper are the prints done on?
    There is a blend of more expensive, heavier weight, higher quality papers (Limited Edition Prints) and less expensive, lighter, good quality paper or card (Unlimited Prints)
  • Do you give Interior Design advice?
    Can I get paintings to match my decor? I would love to help with pleasure to select my works for your home. The easiest way to do this is to email me some pictures of your home and colour scheme / mood boards and I can help you to select the most appropriate pieces. Also, you can use this process to commission something specifically for your home, subject to a commission contract. Email is
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